Agency Policy Regarding Covid-19

AFE Recruitment Ltd is monitoring developments regarding the spread of Covid-19 and will continue to operate under the advice and guidelines provided by the UK Government.

In response to the potential spread of the virus, we would like to assure all of our customers that in the event of a potential lockdown or a need to self-isolate, the agency will be able to operate remotely and therefore maintain significant levels of service to you.

Our key objective is to ensure the safety and welfare of staff, candidates and the general public and to maintain our services to all of our customers during this period of uncertainty.

If you have any operational concerns or wish to discuss specific requirements during the virus period please do not hesitate to contact either your Account Manager or a member of the senior management team.

Agency Action Plan

In light of the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are implementing some additional precautions to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and visitors to our facilities and maintain the continued supply of staffing solutions and services to all of our clients.

We will also continue to monitor developments regarding the spread of Covid-19 and will continue to operate under the advice and guidelines provided by the UK Government.

The Covid-19 Agency Action Plan is as follows;

(1) Activities to safeguard the health & safety of all employees and visitors to our facilities;

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the main office and visitor area - (Actioned 1st February 2020)
  • Measures and processes put in place as per government advice to isolate an employee should he or she potentially become affected by Covid-19. – (Actioned 6th March 2020)
  • Employees have the option to work from home if they need to self-isolate – (Actioned 6th March 2020)
  • All employees informed via email about Covid-19 and measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus – (Actioned 6th March 2020)
  • All employees referred to Government website for further information – (Actioned 6th March 2020).
  • Employee email updating Covid-19 , following government announcement on 12th February 2020 – (Actioned 16th March 2020)
  • All employees referred to Government website for further information – (Actioned 16th March 2020)

(2) Activities to monitor the health and availability of our agency staff and drivers primarily during Covid-19 and the need to self-isolate

  • A communication was sent to all drivers who may have visited ‘Lockdown’ areas in the last month asking them to self-isolate at home for 2 weeks prior to returning to work. – (Actioned 6th March 2020)
  • Drivers also issued with hand-outs for advice when self-isolating and general information on treatment. – (actioned 6th March 2020)
  • Drivers asked to let the agency know immediately if they have Covid-19 symptoms and need to self-isolate. – (On going)
  • An availability tracker has been put in place which drivers need to update in order to keep the agency updated of their availability. This includes issuing us a full itinerary of any plans to travel abroad or a need to self-isolate. – (on going)

(3) Operating within a lock down or self-isolation scenario - (All Activities Implemented)

  • In the event of a need to lock down or self-isolate the agency has the capability to maintain its operations from a remote environment via cloud technology.
  • Agency staff will have the technical capability to work from home.
  • In terms of maintaining a supply of qualified candidates during a lockdown scenario the agency is confident that it can meet client requirements from its database of over 15,000 registered and checked drivers. Drivers from this database who are able to work will be prioritised in the fulfilment of shifts during the lock down period.
  • We will also continue to advertise and recruit for new starters, should we have to replace workers who have gone off sick. New candidates will be asked to register with the agency remotely via our online website registration form. On receipt of this form one of our recruitment consultants will arrange a telephone interview with the candidate where copies of key documents will need to be digitally submitted and the normal registration checks will be applied prior to registration and assignment of role.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate the information we receive on a daily basis and adapt our plan appropriately.

Last Updated 13th March 2020

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